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About Fahrenholz Clock & Watch LLC

We employ only experienced and professional clockmakers and watchmakers. On our staff we have  a sixth generation craftsman and a second generation clockmaker. We may be slower but precision takes time. If someone promises you quick turnaround they are probably not giving you good service.

The founder of our company comes from a long line of clockmakers and cabinet makers from Beppen Germany.


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What is next?

We presently have two designs in production right now. A wristwatch in the fashion of an understated dress watch and a new clock movement that incorporates a unique patented escapement and rewind mechanism. It also is designed to be a long life highly serviceable movement that should last for generations.  We will have more details in the news section

Customer Service

We are a family owned corporation that operates on the principles of customer service and integrity. The service and manufacture of timepieces is a a slow process that requires great precision. Please expect us to be particular about quality.We will do everything in our power to satisfy our customers if possible. Please contact us if you have concerns, questions or are looking for employment.