Fahrenholz Clock & Watch LLC


Service Warranty 

We fully back our service on all repairs for clocks and watches. This includes labor we performed and proprietary parts we manufacture. This warranty many not cover certain parts provided by outside vendors, wear items or misuse or abuse of the item. In most cases we cover everything but we will let you know before we proceed. If you have any questions please contact us.


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Clock Warranty

Clock service is warranted for two full years

Watch Warranty
Watch service is warranted for one full year


New Product Warraty

Warranties will vary based on the manufacturer and any changes to their policy

Mallard  Three year on defect in workmanship. Five year on the power cell if you purchase through FCW.

Antique Timepieces.

Warranties vary on antique items that have been serviced. All have at least a ninety day complete warranty. Most will have a one or two year warranty based on availability of parts we cannot manufacture any longer like certain spring metals and metal case parts.

These examples are unlikely but are possible.