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Def Studios develops gaming software for Windows desktop, mobile applications and web based

DEF developers create and customize amazingly secure and fast code. A good program is smaller and smarter

Enochian Tech

Enochian Tech is now at 8781 E 116th ST Fishers, IN 46038

Enochian Tech is a division of DEF. Enochian Tech offers network, cloud and hardware services. Also we offer consulting for small to medium sized businesses. We can get your system and network secure and your data protected in the cloud safely

dEFinition Blog

"The Seven Souls of Altheria" is in development. Test levels for the new collision engine are up. We are using several different engines to prototype

"The Order of The Needle" game has been greelit and we will share some updates soon! Screenshot below

The CYbase series is deep in the development stage. The story is done, characters created along with artwork. We are working on the collision engine now.



The Seven Souls of Altheria collision engine test. Iso view 3/4 reduced graphics


 The Seven Souls of Altheria 2d/3d collision  w/FPS engine